Thursday, September 12, 2013

Second part-time around

Much has transpired since my last blog entry about our family’s addiction turmoil. As I strongly suspected she might, my daughter has all but disowned me and her siblings. She moved out when I refused to delete the entry and our periodic contact has been hostile and alcohol fueled – on her end. On my end, I have refused to respond in kind and have tried to enjoy a relative calm that we have not had in the house for a few years now.

The biggest change around here though, has been my procuring a part time job at our local supermarket. It’s an easy job in a pleasant place – which I frequent many times each week anyway. Granted, I am surrounded by much younger co-workers but they are respectful and there is a sprinkling of my similarly aged employees and some even older. I enjoy being able to clock out and leave the job there. That hasn’t been the case in most of my adult employment.

The kids are adapting to my not being here constantly and I think they even kind of like it. I find myself redirecting some responsibilities to them and note the pride they take in reciting the “done” list when I come home. I think my youngest is actually getting his homework done in a more timely fashion since I am not here to “bug” him to get going on it. Okay – that might have more to do with his ipod dying recently and with a new one not on the horizon until the holidays, he figures he may as well do something – even if it is homework.

Here is what is weird-ing me out.  Many of my friends, acquaintances, etc… seem a bit odd when they seem me ringing on a register or bagging groceries. I have been trying to decipher their faces and I may be wrong but I think what I am seeing something akin to embarrassment for me. This was not at all anticipated as they have not known me to work in any professional capacity since my arrival here in town and many of them knew I was seeking employment. In fact, most of the people I know in town, I know from doing volunteer work in the schools and community theater.

So let me set the record straight for you my friends. I am happy to have a local job that allows me to be close at hand for my kids. (My commute time is about 4.5 minutes – not the 600 plus miles I used to log each week!) I am happy for the income to augment my other endeavors. And last but not least - according to my older son, a trip to the store with me was like a “social hour” - I am happy to see all of you when you come in. So come in, see me and be normal. It’s all good…unless I have misinterpreted your faces…and you are really worried about it NOT being some nameless cashier/bagger who is examining each and every item you have chosen……. Just kidding.

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